Understand Property is owned by Property Predictions Pty Ltd.

Our approach is to directly estimate future demand levels, because we understand that population growth and demographic change, when combined with economic, finance and climatic trends are the leading indicators of demand. 

Our patented Property Power Database has been specifically designed to measure demand trends and predict expected changes in prices and rents down to suburb level in the short term, that is, in one to three years.

The services provided by Property Predictions Pty Ltd are of immense benefit to public and private investors wanting to know where to buy and when to sell to maximise the short term growth and rent potential of their investments.


John Lindeman

With well over fifteen years’ experience researching the nature and dynamics of the housing market at major data analysts, John is renowned as the property market researcher that property experts go to for all their Australian housing market insights.

John regularly provides presentations, commissioned reports and other research services on the nature and direction of the residential property market for property industry leaders. His extensive property knowledge is complemented by around 40 years' experience as a successful property investor.

John’s monthly column on housing market research featured in
Australian Property Investor Magazine for over five years. He is a regular contributor to property investment publications and e-newsletters such as Your Investment Property Magazine, Kevin Turners Real Estate Talk, Michael Yardney’s Property Update and Alan Kohler’s Eureka Report. John has also authored the landmark books for property investors, Mastering the Australian Housing Market, (2011) and Unlocking the Property Market, (2015) both published by Wileys


Brendan Kelly

Brendan’s 20 year property investment experience and expertise spans a multitude of property strategies including renovations, subdivisions, commercial developments, growth properties, positive cash flow deals, industrial properties and even vendor finance.

Originally trained as a Teacher of Mathematics and Science, Brendan has been able to easily translate what he’s learnt through investing in property into systems and approaches anyone can use.

Brendan helped establish the renowned Results Mentoring Program and has since personally mentored over a thousand people in all aspects of property investing. Brendan co-authored the critically acclaimed property investing reference book The Real Deal: Property Invest Your Way to Financial Freedom, published in 2010 by Wright Books.

Today, as a public speaker, professional investor, Property Mentor, Brendan contributes to articles in
Your Investment Property magazine and other property media offering support and tips for property investors. He presents regularly at seminars and donates his time to local investor networking groups as a motivator and educator on property investing and wealth creation strategies. 

Our Code of Ethics

We will maintain


WE DO NOT act on behalf of any property developers, project marketers, buyers agents, sellers agents, real estate agents or property marketers. 

WE DO NOT receive any form of commission, finders fee, pass on, knock on, or other financial reward or incentive from any third person or company as a result of any property purchase you may make.

WE WILL NOT source, recommend or otherwise endorse specific properties, developments or other property buying opportunities to you.